Excerpts from

  The Methods of Truth Which I Use
by Brown Landone

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Book Description
1928. The author gives the reader 31 methods, one for each day of the month to sustain them hour by hour, help dispel mental fog, to grow in spirit and power, and learn how to express desires freely without limitation. It is recommended that each lesson be used in order, i.e. Lesson One should be studied on the first day of the month, etc., but if for some reason you need the help of a particular lesson, turn to it for the help it can provide. Also, for each lesson, the author has prepared a prescription made up completely from passages of God's word to help in the reader's work. 


How to Begin "Being Yourself"
(For The First Day)

"YE ARE not bound" for "Back of thy parents and thy grand-parents lies the great eternal will! That too is thine inheritance."

So I bring you methods of the positive God! I do so because in the past we have been trying too much to attract the good we want, instead of expressing it.

When God created the heavens and earth, He did not try "to attract" what He wanted to create; He did not even search deep within Himself to realize His creation.

Instead, God expressed Himself to create what He wanted to create.

So you, to create what you want, should get in line with God's method. Express yourself, so that what you conceive by your thought will come out into actual existence as the thing or condition you desire.

The powers you can use are few. They are powers of mind, love, life, and action. They are always the same for they are of God. They will never fail you for God will always continue to be what He is.

The methods of using these powers are many—as many as there are teachers and writers and leaders. There are so many methods that you maybe confused by them. In this little book I present only the methods which I have proved to be the best—that is, those which I know bring results, each in accord with its nature after its own kind.

The instructions for daily use—"Won't you sup with Me," and "Divine Prescriptions"—are given at the end of the book.

These methods will aid you in securing three kinds of spiritual help: one to sustain you hour by hour when you are busy with the work of the day; another to help you to understand Truth; and still another to aid you to grow.

I bring you methods of the radiant soul and the positive God. Every such method must work in line with God. His activity forever radiates outward, and creates His universe by manifesting His powers. You, to keep in line with God's activity, must also radiate outward, and create what you want by manifesting your powers. You can do this only by expressing yourself.
This is a book of methods, but, dear friend o'mine, a method is only a method. It is something which helps you to use your powers. It can help you to find what you want within yourself, It can help you to demonstrate desires as actualities and to attain results with certainty. But, if you begin to depend on it, it becomes useless. Moreover, you hinder the operation of Truth as soon as you begin to depend on any method, for you—as a soulbeam of the living God—do not need to depend on any method.

God is ever-active, and His only activity is that of manifesting Himself in expression. Since you are a soulbeam of God, your only mode of spiritual realization is manifestation of yourself in expression.

So, in beginning to use the methods which I give in this book, begin with yourself. It is your use of your powers which creates what you want. Seek the help of methods, but depend only on the expression of the God powers within you.

"There is no noble height thou canst not climb;
All triumphs may be thine—
If,—thou dost not faint or halt;
But lean upon the path of God's security."

Hence begin thus:

"I shine forever in the one path provided by God for me. Since it is provided for ME, no other soul can shine in my path or interfere in any way with my expression!

"And—joy of joys—I do not need to try to do the shining for anyone else, for, since each soul shines in a path of its own provided for it by God, each is supplied by God and each is the source of all its needs.

"I shine WITH others, but not for them. They shine in harmony WITH me, and not against me. I radiate from God, and so I am the source of all I need.

"By EXPRESSING the God power in me, I create what I want."

"Nothing—is greater to one than one's self is", and so "Nothing shall be impossible to you."


How to Use "I Am That I Am"
(For The Second Day)

"RESOLVE to be thyself" for "when you are you,
All the world will sit at thy feet, and recognize a god."

In your search for Truth, you may meet a few human peacocks! They are the mystifiers of Truth. They strut about, and claim that they have plumbed the depth of Truth. Then they explain that they cannot reveal it to you, because you are not sufficiently advanced to comprehend it.

There are also angels of God here on earth. They are the mystics. They are noble in simplicity. They know profound Truth and know that it is simple, and they gladly reveal it so simply that you can understand it.

The Bible was written by mystics. "I-am-that-I-am" was  written by  a mystic.

Although mystifiers have tried to make "I-am-that-I-am" seem very mysterious, yet it is so profound that it is simple, and so mystical that it means exactly what it says.

"I-am-that-I-am" is very simple; it means "I am I."

God knows that He is He, and hence He knows that He has power and dares to use it.

My consciousness of power resides in my knowledge that I am I!

Your power resides in knowing that "You are you!"

It is all very simple, for "Is it not written—ye are gods?"

Then dare to be one!

Dare to express your desire for activity and your body will be radiantly, healthy! Dare to express your capacities and you will be flooded with abundance! Dare to express your love, and the joy of others will enfold you.

Use "I am that I am" in this way:

"I AM I; I have a right to be myself. I mount the throne which God provided for me when He grave man dominion over all things! I have the power of God in me, and dare to use it. "I AM I!"

"I exist as I am, that is enough!" for "The Spirit of the Lord is upon me!"

  "The Methods of Truth Which I Use"
by Brown Landone

Order in Adobe PDF eBook or printed form for $5.95 (+ printing charge)


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