Excerpts from

  The ABC of Truth:
35 Lessons for Beginnersin New Thought Study
Brown Landone

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  Book Contents
   God Shines and You Express; The Seven Means of Creating What You Want; Just Shine Health; Just Shine Riches; Just Shining Happiness.

God Shines and You Express

   IT IS EASY for you to understand Great Truth expressed in simple terms because Great Truth is always simple.
   On the other hand, it is often difficult to understand such terms as basal-law, primal-impulse, first-substance, divine-reality, etc., for they are special terms.
   Although special terms are true, I do not use them because "to be understood" is the one basis of all happiness and Great Truth expressed in simple terms is the means of attaining it.
   We teachers and writers have tried sincerely to teach you Truth clearly. But, without intending to do so, we have often confused you by trying to teach you the qualities of God, instead of first teaching you just what God is. When we teach you qualities we always leave your mind in a sort of a haze—for instance, when I state that "in this room there is something which is two feet four inches high", I tell you its true and exact height quality, but you do not know just what I am talking about. It may be a fern or a bronze Buddha, a Turkish water pipe or a stack of Bibles!
   So also, when I state that God is "good" and that He is "all-abundance," I leave your mind in quite a haze as to what God is—although I definitely teach true qualities of God. The ideal of God is at once clear, however, when I teach you the Great Truth—that God is the spiritual Sun and Sunshine of all existence.
   Lesson 1—What God Is
   First, God is a spiritual Sun-Center!
   Second, God is the one spiritual Sun-Center of all existence!
   Third, God is more than His Sun-Center.
   Fourth, since God is a sun, He shines!
   Fifth, God shines only in one way—outward from His Sun-Center!
   Sixth, since God shines out from His Sun-Center, He is not confined inside of it.
   Seventh, God is BOTH the spiritual sun and its sunshine—He is ALL there is!
   To state that God includes both His Sun-Center and His Sunshine is not contradictory. For illustration, your mind is not confined inside of your brain which is its center of activity in your body. Your mind radiates outward along nerves from its brain center to every part of your body—to make your heart beat, your hands move, your eyes see, etc.
   Your mind is not confined inside of its center of activity. So, also, God is not confined inside of His Center. He is not only the sun but also the sunshine of all existence.
   There is but ONE true ideal of God. Form its true picture in your mind and you will never need anything else as a basis for understanding all Truth clearly!
   First, picture God as the Sun-Center.
   Second, picture God infinitely shining out His spiritual sunshine from His center in all directions.
   Third, picture God as The Spiritual Sun-Center AND The Spiritual Sunshine of all existence.
   If you form this true picture of God in your mind now—and re-picture it clearly but once each waking hour for one month—your whole life will be changed! This is not a mythical prophesy; it is God's guarantee—for Truth shall make you free!
   Lesson 2—What You Are
   Of course, you are not God—for He is all existence. You are not all existence, because I myself and a few trillion other souls know that we also are parts of all existence. You are one of the spiritual rays of God's radiation. You are a particular ray of spiritual power shining forever out from the God-Center. Therefore, you are a part of the sunshine of God.
   You are a sunbeam of God's energy. You are a sunbeam of His intelligence, of His love, of His power, of His life, of His activity, of His joy, of His mirth!
   You are a soulbeam of the spiritual sun!
   Since God shines outward eternally, He is forever in action. Hence, you are forever in action. You are manifesting now! You will be manifesting a thousand—yea, a million—years from now. You are, and always will be, one of the rays of God shining out from His Sun-Center.
   Always think of God as the spiritual Sun-Center and Sunshine of all existence.
   Always think of yourself as a ray of His Sunshine!
   The Law of Divine Likeness
   Sunlight is like the light of the sun, because the light of the sun radiates itself. Candlelight is like the light of the candle, because the light of the candle radiates itself.
   So also, God's radiation is like God, His spiritual Sun-Center radiates itself because there is nothing else for it to radiate. Since you are a ray of God's sunlight, you are like God.
   Hence, now and for all eternity, recognize the law of divine likeness. It is one of common sense. The sunlight of a sun must be like the light of the sun. Hence, you must be like unto God!
   Lesson 3—God's One Activity
   The physical sun in the sky actually shines sunlight.
   So God from His spiritual Sun-Center forever shines Spirit
   Shining is God's ONE activity. He does nothing else but shine. His shining is called radiation. Radiation is motion which moves out from its center in all directions. By its nature each ray always moves straight out from its own center just as each spoke of a wheel extends out in its own direction from the center of the wheel to its rim. The complete meaning of radiation is this:
(1) radiation is activity,

(2) it is movement directly outward,

(3) it is movement outward in all directions; and

(4) it is movement outward in all directions from a center.


If you have been confused by trying to understand many, many different activities of God, forget the confusion. The Great Truth is simple: God has but one activity. Radiation is His only activity!

His radiation, however, manifests in a thousand ways! It manifests as Mind, which conceives all things. It manifests as Law, which directs all things. It manifests as Desire, which impels all things; as Attraction, which unites all things; as Life which reproduces all things; as Love, which holds all things together!

God has but one activity—shining! You have but one activity—just shining!

There is a reason for shining.

When God shines, He expresses Himself and creates His universe of all existence.

When you shine, you express yourself and create your universe of power, health, riches, and happiness.

Lesson 4—God's Power in You

You are a POWER-RAY of the Spiritual Sun-Center of God which radiates ITS power IN YOU!

There is plenty of proof of this. And, there is proof that such power can come into manifestation almost instantly. There are actual proofs in all history.

One day a certain young man was writing letters telling of his inability to handle men. He was small, frail of body, and weak-willed. He did not believe that he could ever amount to anything. He was so weak in character that he planned to commit suicide! He was then only Monsieur Napoleon Bonaparte.

Then, in one night he became conscious of great power. From that moment he fulfilled his mission as he saw it. To the world, and all ages, he became The Great Napoleon.

There are hundreds of other proofs. Among them is that of St. Paul. Stricken down on the sand for a time, then arising in power, he carried the message of Christ throughout the then known world.

And there is the experience of Caedmon—the stable boy of Old England. He was ignorant, stupid and uneducated—the butt of all crude jokes. Whenever he tried to sing, his cracked voice was ridiculed. Then, one night, he went into the stable and prayed. He became conscious of power and from that hour he sang with a beautiful voice, composed songs, and became the one great poet of early England!

These experiences, and a thousand others, are evidences of an eternal law which is always true. God is the great Power-Center of the universe. He is all the power there is. He radiates His power. You are one of His power-rays. You are forever radiating out from the God-Center. You never stop radiating power—for God never stops radiating His power in you.

A ray of light must be like its source. A ray of power must be like its source. God's power is infinite. He actually pushes His power out into every ray of His sunshine. Since you are one of His infinite rays, you are a ray of infinite power from God!

All power IS yours. Do have faith enough to use it!

Lesson 5—Always in Tune With God

Every one of God's rays ALWAYS shines OUTWARD in its own path from the Sun-Center, and never in any other direction! Hence, there is but one way for you to keep in line with God. God forever shines out from His Center; you must forever shine outward.

Oh, do you not see why you have so often failed in using Truth? Instead of shining outward, you have been trying to turn yourself inward toward a spiritual center. Any such effort is in direct opposition to the very nature of God. God shines outward; you must shine outward.

Right about face! Shine in the right direction. There is only one right direction. Since every ray of power of God forever shines outward from the spiritual Sun-Center, the only right direction for you is to shine outward. God is always pushing you outward with all His power, His one activity is shining. You are like Him. Your one activity is to shine. You need not bother much about methods, if you but LET yourself forever shine!


God is all there is. Radiation is His only activity. God radiates you outward in line from His Sun-Center along the path of Absolute Power for you. There is but one way to keep in tune with God, forever shine outward and express yourself.

Lesson 6—Nothing in Heaven or Earth Can Hinder Your Expression of Yourself

God is the one Center of the universe. All power radiates outward from Him. He has but one activity. It is the activity of shining. Since He is all-powerful, nothing can change His shining outward. Nothing can twist or bend any one of His sunbeams out of its path.

Of course, if God were a very, very little power-center—like a candle flame, for instance,—things would be different. The rays of a candle flame can be bent back. You can do so yourself by holding a mirror in their path. But, the only reason you can do this is because you are MORE powerful than the candle flame! You can light the candle flame, or blow it out of existence—as you please! 

God, however, is ALL-POWER. There is nothing outside of God more powerful than He is.

Consequently, nothing can exist which can bend back any one of His rays or turn any one of them from its straight, outward path. There is nothing which can prevent a ray of God from shining outward forever. There is nothing which can bend back or reflect you from His path of Power, because there is nothing outside of God with power enough to do it.

Moreover, you cannot bend yourself back. God radiates you with all His power. To bend yourself back, you would have to be more powerful than God. That would be contrary to all God's shining of which you are a part.

Therefore, since God Himself with ALL HIS POWER IS PUSHING you out along your path, there is nothing on this path of power to make you bend to the left or to the right. You cannot get off the line of your radiation for it is exactly the same as God's line of radiation outward.

You are a ray of God Power. No power exists which can stop or hinder His radiation. Nothing in heaven or earth can stop you. You MUST forever shine outward—and forever express yourself.

Lesson 7—God's One Aim and Your One Purpose

God shines outward forever.

Nothing can stop His shining.

He expresses His shining through you.

His shining through you results in health and riches and happiness.

The one purpose of all existence is expression. It is the one aim of God. That is why He radiates. That is why He has but one activity. He radiates outward into existence so that each of His rays shall manifest His power, energy, substance, mind, love, life, joy, and mirth! God radiates in order to express Himself in His creation.

The Great Truth is this:

(1) God shines outward from His Sun-Center;

(2)  expression is  shining  outward;

(3) expression is the ONLY activity which is like God's activity; and

(4) expression is the ONLY SPIRITUAL activity.

   Understand this clearly: anything which interferes with divine expression is contrary to spiritual law and is not spiritual in itself. Repression is NOT spiritual, for repression means pushing back—in other words, repression tries to stop your shining.
   Expression is the one desire of your heart and soul. It is the whole purpose of your life. Since the one aim of God is to radiate Himself into all existence, He radiates you so that you shall manifest that which He radiates. To accomplish His aim, He gives you His power. As a ray of God, you have all power to express whatever you need because you come from God!
   A ray of intelligence must be like the source from which it shines. God is all intelligence because He is the mind-center and mental sunshine of all existence. All His intelligence is pushing outward in you. Let it shine! Instead of trying to turn it inward, let it shine outward in line with God's activity. Then it will flood every problem you ever have to meet with such illumination that its solution will be simple!
   A ray of love must be like the sun of love from which it shines. God's love is infinite and pushes outward in you with infinite, loving desire. Stop trying to draw love to you! Stop trying to attract things and conditions and people. Let your love shine out in line with God's one activity. Then it will flood all things and conditions and people you love. When they are bathed in the sunshine of your love, they will want to remain in it forever.
   You know the results!
   On the one hand, whenever you repress or shut up yourself, you feel lack of power. Every lack you have ever known has been due to repression.
   On the other hand. WHENEVER you FREELY EXPRESS yourself, knowing that you ARE you, you feel LIKE A GOD!
   Fulfill God's one aim! Express yourself fully every moment as a ray of God shining in full power, and you POSSESS the Power of God!

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